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Possibly The Most Important Transaction of Your Life

Shouldn't You Be Properly Represented?

What Makes Us Different?


We ONLY represent Buyers

We Get Homes For Renters That CAN’T QUALIFY


  • Most Agents Represent Sellers

  • Other Agents Deal only with a Buyer that’s QUALIFIED for a loan.

  • Most Agents Have No Time for the Non-Qualified or “Challenged” Buyer

  • The Challenged Buyer process is HARD and Scares them

Ted Irvine Talks About The Process

We’re On Your Side!

Real estate agents in California are trained to list properties and represent sellers. Not hard to figure where their interests lie.

Most agents are not trained to be problem-solvers.

Most Agents dislike complications and solving problems.

We Are Pro-Buyer

We became a Buyer Broker with all the responsibilities and duties it entailed because the entire industry was lopsided in favor of Sellers. Then we discovered nobody cared about all the renters that wanted to buy but could not. No Loan Approval? No Interest – except for US!

We’re uniquely qualified because of our experience in investment banking, real estate, lending, , developing, escrow, title, etc. Who Better to Represent these renters?

If you guessed that We Don’t Sell Houses, you’d be correct. And, we sign an agreement to represent you – first and foremost.

Experience Counts

Just like you, we’ve had life hiccups and disappointments but turned those weaknesses into strength. You’re not alone – very few things we haven’t seen or experienced.

We approach your transaction as though it’s for us – because, as investors, sometimes it is! We’ve owned everything from starters to multi-million-dollar homes.

Problem solving is not an integral part of the process . . . It Is The Process!

Remember This!

In San Diego County, there are 560,000 residences with people that don’t own them that are living there. And, like you, they ABSOLUTELY hate renting!! LIKE BEING A PRISONER, a house, not a home.

Many are afraid – doom themselves before they even try. THEY NEVER HEARD OF US!

Many different methods, terms, and combinations all of which do not entail getting a loan to close a transaction. Custom Fitted to your situation.


What Our Clients Have To Say

Really know the ins and outs

Helped me immensely several times. Really know the ins and outs. Will be using them again!


Stopped me from what would have been a horrible mistake

Really knowledgeable. Stopped me from what would have been a horrible mistake. Used them twice and they really perform.


They wouldn’t go forward without in depth fact finding

They wouldn’t go forward without in depth fact finding. But, like the battery bunnie, they just took off AND they pleased both my wife and myself – no mean feat!


Made our dreams of home ownership come true

Made our dreams of homeownership come true. Very easy to work with them. Had our interests #1 throughout the process. Answered any and all of our questions – every time. No hesitation. I would recommend the team to anyone – small to large. Great people!!!


So Where 99% of Agents Say No,
We Say "Let's Talk".

If You Can Remember One Thing
It's That We're On Your Side

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