Harvard opined in 2019 that if a consistent capital source could be found for down payments, over six million transactions could be generated by low-income purchasers using equity sharing joint ventures with select families. is a parallel activity to There are significant differences:

Differentiation – vs.


25153 relies on capital provided by an existing Landlord / Investor

25153 requires increased diligence as property characteristics and parties are not uniform

25153 relies on referrals from intensive recruiting plus word of mouth.  

25153 Investors may also elect to 1031 into other property (s) prior to executing the Program

25153 has great latitude in solving problems.  Acornz – as a single investor entity does not.

25153 was designed to be an introduction to the JV concept and a parallel activity to Acornz


Acornz relies on substantial SOE and Media marketing

Acornz targets specific demographics– home price, location, income, qualification, etc.

Acornz as Program Manager raises tranches of capital for new Institutional Investors

Over time, Acornz will become the Investor rather than the Manager

The focus of Acornz is, and will be, Families.

In the Acornz program, properties are purchased by Covest for institutional investors bank credit lines and a unit trust where Covest will be both an Investor and the manager of the relationship.

Renters become qualified through a third-party entity and become “Covestors” by purchasing a percentage of the equity in the property. Unlike many other residential real estate programs, they are owners – immediately.

In the last 60 years, the number of homeowners has remained constant at 65% and renters at 35% despite billions in government” programs” to assist renters.

Meanwhile the wealth disparity between owners and renters continues to grow.

Owners are forty times wealthier than renters!

To enhance the Program, Covest has created a department called “KISS” (keep it sold stupid). And guarantees re-purchase of “defaulted” properties. No other real estate relationship incorporates this unique and valuable feature.