1 + 1 = SUCCESS

We Solve Problems & Negotiate Results

Over the last 7 years, Southern California based CoVest Properties has developed creative solutions for structural problems in the residential real estate industry. New advantages are created for all participants. A TOTAL WIN-WIN for all.

The real estate firm has developed a purchase system for Buyers with “challenges” that enables them to purchase a property without the requirement of an institutional loan. The size of this market is 2/3 of the size of Buyers that can qualify. Imagine the problems and frequency associated with the divorces of attorneys, physicians, dentists, etc. This activity is a CoVest Company and operates under the name “4BuyersRealty”.

CoVest Properties is alone in this arena.

In addition, CoVest Properties has developed a proprietary solution to eliminate the headaches and challenges of Landlords/Investors (“Capital Investors”) – both financial and occupancy. FINALLY, a solution that makes investing in single family homes very attractive and problem free. No other real estate solution like this is available. It aligns the needs and desires of the Owner and Tenant. Win-Win.

The solution also enables former homeowners (“Tenant Investors”) with prior “issues” to re-acquire home ownership without the necessity of obtaining a new loan at time of purchase.

What Makes CoVest Properties Different?

  • We Solve Problems And Negotiate Results
  • We Approach Every Transaction As If It's For Us - Sometimes It Is!
  • We Believe In Full Disclosure And Straight Talk
  • For Investors We Lower Risk, Eliminate Problems And Raise Returns
  • For Tenants We Provide A Path To A New Life And Stability