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Covest Properties?

(Results Better than the Sum of the Parts)

Who Is CoVest Properties?

COVEST PROPERTIES, Inc. is a real estate Consulting and Brokerage firm headquartered in San Marcos; Ca. founded in 2010. It provides alternate solutions for purchasing real estate.

COVEST PROPERTIES is a unique Brokerage licensed by the California Department of Real Estate that uses “terms” or alternative financing in purchases including “Equity Sharing”.  Equity Sharing does 4 things for an Investor:

Equity Sharing

Equity Sharing is currently in use by HUD, churches, cities, parents with children away at college. It is approved with specific rulings from both the IRS and the California Association of Realtors. It is a free-form joint venture in residential real estate.

Equity sharing eliminates problems

With Investors disenchanted with the financial and emotional returns in single family rentals and with a growing pool of former homeowners that have become unhappy renters, Equity Sharing has great appeal.

Unlike a lease option, renters become partial owners immediately (Covestors) and are granted tax benefits, a share of the appreciation, increased equity from any decline of an amortizing loan, and the stability and other rewards of home ownership.

Equity Sharing mitigates or eliminates both the tenant problems and the onset of harsh regulations for a Landlord.  No rental relationship – no renters. 

Because Equity Sharing extends well beyond the initial purchase and because Covest helps negotiate the Agreement with and for the Parties (required), it remains the overseer for the Agreement and remains involved for the benefit of both Parties for the duration of the relationship.

The principals and advisors at Covest Properties have over 100 years of combined experience in residential and commercial real estate purchases and sales, syndicating, lending, banking, property management and real estate investment.

Covest provides the disciplines and capabilities required to permit Investors to get relief from the burdens of rental properties and negative cash flow along with superior returns while providing Covestors relief from the uncertainties and pain of renting while providing respect and stability.